Destructive Capacity (DC)

Destructive Capacity is the term used to determine the amount of damage a character can produce. It is normally the deciding factor of VS matches along with Speed. It is measured in units of energy.

Attack Potency

An alternative word for Destructive Capacity which has more direct meaning. It literally means the amount of DC an attack can produce or is comparable to.

A character with a certain degree of attack potency can not necessarily cause destructive feats on that level, but can cause damage to characters that can withstand such forces.


If you wish to know the equivalent prefix for a particular exponential value, please see this page.

A Foe is a unit used to measure the energy released by a supernova, and is equivalent to 1044 Joules.

Attack Potency Chart

Tier Level Energy in Joules Energy in Tonnes

of TNT Equivalent

Energy in

Conventional Terms

Ratio of

High End to Low End

9-C Street Level 102 to 1.8x103 2.39x10-8 to 4.3x10-7 100 Joules to

1.8 Kilojoules

High 9-C Street Level+ 1.8x103 to 5x103 4.3x10-7 to 1.195x10-6 1.8 Kilojoules

to 5 Kilojoules

9-B Wall Level 5x103 to 4.184x106 1.195x10-6 to 10-3 5 Kilojoules

to 0.001 Tons

High 9-B Wall Level+ 4.184x106 to 2.092x107 10-3 to 5x10-3 0.001 Tons

to 0.005 Tons

9-A Small Building Level 2.092x107 to 2.092x108 5x10-3 to 5x10-2 0.005 Tons

to 0.05 Tons

High 9-A Small Building Level+ 2.092x108 to 1.046x109 5x10-2 to 2.5x10-1 0.05 Tons

to 0.25 Tons

8-C Building Level 1.046x109 to 8.368x109 2.5x10-1 to 2 0.25 Tons

to 2 Ton

High 8-C Large Building Level 8.368x109 to 4.6024x1010 2 to 11 2 Tons to 11 Tons 5.5x
8-B City Block Level 4.6024x1010 to 9.2048x1010 11 to 22 11 Tons to 22 Tons 2X
8-A Multi-City Block Level 9.2048x1010 to 9.2048x1011 22 to 220 22 Tons to


High 8-A Multi-City Block Level+ 9.2048x1011 to 4.184x1012 220 to 103 220 Tons to

1 Kiloton

Low 7-C Small Town Level 4.184x1012 to 2.42672x1013 103 to 5.8x103 1 Kiloton to

5.8 Kilotons

7-C Town Level 2.42672x1013 to 4.184x1014 5.8x103 to 105 5.8 Kilotons to

100 Kilotons

High 7-C Large Town Level 4.184x1014 to 4.184x1015 105 to 106 100 Kilotons

to 1 Megaton

Low 7-B Small City Level 4.184x1015 to 2.63592x1016 106 to 6.3x106 1 Megaton to

6.3 Megatons

7-B City Level 2.63592x1016 to 4.184x1017 6.3x106 to 108 6.3 Megatons

to 100 Megatons

7-A Large City

or Mountain Level

4.184x1017 to 4.184x1018 108 to 109 100 Megatons

to 1 Gigaton

High 7-A Large Mountain

or Small Island Level

4.184x1018 to 1.79912x1019 109 to 4.3x109 1 Gigaton to

4.3 Gigatons

6-C Island Level 1.79912x1019 to 4.184x1020 4.3x109 to 1011 4.3 Gigatons

to 100 Gigatons

High 6-C Large Island Level 4.184x1020 to 4.184x1021 1011 to 1012 100 Gigatons

to 1 Teraton

Low 6-B Small Country Level 4.184x1021 to 2.9288x1022 1012 to 7x1012 1 Teraton to

7 Teratons

6-B Country Level 2.9288x1022 to 4.184x1023 7x1012 to 1014 7 Teratons

to 100 Teratons

High 6-B Large Country Level 4.184x1023 to 3.17984x1024 1014 to 7.6x1014 100 Teratons

to 760 teratons

Low 6-A Small Continent Level 3.17984x1024 to 5.56472x1024 7.6x1014 to 1.33x1015 760 teratons to

1.33 Petatons

6-A Continent Level 5.56472x1024 to 4.184x1027 1.33x1015 to 1018 1.33 Petatons

to 1 Exaton

High 6-A Large or

Multi-Continent Level

4.184x1027 to 1.238464x1029 1018 to 2.96x1019 1 Exaton to

29.6 Exatons

5-C Moon Level 1.238464x1029 to 1.811672x1030 2.96x1019 to 4.33x1020 29.6 Exatons to

433 Exatons

High 5-C Moon Level+/Small Planet Level 1.811672x1030 to 2.393248x1032 4.33x1020 to 5.72x1022 433 Exatons to

57.3 Zettatons

5-B Planet Level 2.393248x1032 to 2.393248x1033 5.72x1022 to 2.393248x1033 57.3 Zettatons

to 573 Zettatons

High 5-B Planet Level+ 2.393248x1033 to 1.12968x1034 2.393248x1033 to 2.7x1024 573 Zettatons to

2.7 Yottatons

5-A Large or

Multi-Planet Level

1.12968x1034 to 1.674x1037 2.7x1024 to 4x1027 2.7 Yottatons to

4 Ninatons

High 5-A Large or

Multi-Planet Level+

1.674x1037 to 1.254x1040 4x1027 to 2.998x1030 4 Ninatons

to 2.998 Tenatons

Low 4-C Small Star Level 1.254x1040 to 6.276x1041 2.998x1030 to 1.5x1032 2.998 Tenatons

to 150 Tenatons

4-C Star Level 6.276x1041 to 1.464x1042 1.5x1032 to 3.5x1032 150 Tenatons

to 350 Tenatons

High 4-C Large Star Level 1.464x1042 to 5.706976x1044 3.5x1032 to 1.364x1035 350 Tenatons

to 5.709 Foe

4-B Solar System Level 5.709x1044 to 1.557x1045 1.364x1035 to 3.722x1035 5.709 Foe

to 15.573 Foe

High 4-B Solar System Level+ 1.557x1045 to 1.413x1049 3.722x1035 to 3.377x1039 15.573 Foe

to 141.3 KiloFoe

4-A Multi-Solar System Level 1.413x1049 to 1054 3.377x1039 to 2.39x1044 141.3 KiloFoe

to 10 GigaFoe

3-C Galaxy Level 1054 to 1058 2.39x1044 to 2.39x1048 10 GigaFoe to 100 TeraFoe 10000x
High 3-C Galaxy Level+ 1058 to 1059 2.39x1048 to 2.39x1049 100 TeraFoe to 1 PetaFoe 10x
3-B Multi-Galaxy Level 1059 to 1062 2.39x1049 to 2.39x1052 1 PetaFoe to

1 ExaFoe

High 3-B Multi-Galaxy Level+ 1062 to 1069 2.39x1052 to 2.39x1059 1 ExaFoe to 10 YottaFoe 10000000x
3-A Universe Level 1069 to Infinite 2.39x1059 to Infinite NA NA


Note 1:

The standard for Galaxy level is the GBE of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Note 2:

The upper end for Galaxy Level is the visible mass energy of the Milky Way Galaxy and the upper end for Galaxy Level+ is the total mass-energy of our galaxy, the Milky Way, including dark matter and dark energy.

Note 3:

The high end for Multi-Galaxy Level and low end for Multi-Galaxy Level+ is the total mass-energy of the Virgo Supercluster including dark matter.

Note 4:

The standard for Universe Level is the estimated total mass energy of the Observable Universe.

Note 5: The high end for Solar System Level is the energy required for a spherical blast to reach Pluto when it's at it's furthest away from the sun.

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