Rules and Regulations

1) No Tier 0 characters can be used in the battles as we all know that the result would be a stalemate. Also most Characters who are Tier 1 i.e. Tier 1-C, Tier 1-B and Tier 1-A won’t be included in VS threads unless their profiles are very descriptive about their powers and abilities.

2) VS battles can be made by others and the creators. Vs threads have to be created with the approval of the Creators of the characters. The creators can debate on who would win but if a flaming war starts between them the thread will likely be closed unless it stops after a short while.

3) The fights should last at most a week and the creators should be forbidden from changing the characters’ stats while the VS fight is going on.

4) The VS Battles should always be between characters of a similar Tier, strength and speed and no spite threads should be allowed.

5) Finally VS Battles between characters will mostly be determined by majority vote and also if the creators of the two OC pages agree that one of them may win more so than other the VS battle should reach a conclusion. That is unless an active poll is going on.

6) If a certain VS Battle occurs with results in one character. There can be a rematch after 2-3 weeks with both the characters having new abilities and powers but if the creator of the character who lost purposely boosted up his character’s stats to win then the rematch will not occur. Also if the creator of one of the characters disagrees with the rematch then it will not occur.

Also OC characters can have battles against Characters from different notable Franchises (Marvel, DC ,etc) as well.

Note: The currently given rules and regulations are still going to be revised.