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  • I was born on August 16
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    The Personification (Tier 0) and the Avatar (Tier High 1-A/0)

    Lebensdauer, Vernichtung, Counter-Force, Zeit, Endless Chaos and Vorstellung The beings that are on this plane are beings larger than all of existence combined, beyond absolute logic, beyond every hierarchal system and beyond comprehension by all beings besides themselves. They can will almost anything to happen and are only limited by the fact that they are incapable of destroying each other and are limited by the personification.

    Absolute Logic

    Gleichgewicht, Ausgewogenheit, Erschaffung, Verursachung, Zerstörung, Zertrümmerung, Reihenfolge, Priesterweihe, Durcheinander, Urzustand (The Overseers) The difference in power between the Overseers and The Primal Beings is similar to the…

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  • SchutzenDunkelZiel1217

    Our parents had died; when we were very young.

    And we only had each other for seeking comfort and love.

    I cried when it happened but you were always there for me.

    You would whisper in my ear “Come stop your crying. It will be alright. Just take my hand and hold it tight. I will always protect you from all around you, I will always be here for you until time stands still so you need never cry when I am by your side”

    Your words would calm me and put a small smile on my face.

    You would stay by my side until sleep overcame my eyes.

    We would talk for hours until I was satisfied.

    You were the person who meant the world to me.

    We could never live luxuriously as everyday was filled with hardships,

    But we were as happy any other family could be for we had e…

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